"Captain of Hope"
Music & Lyrics by Russ Becker
In Honor of, and Dedicated to, President Barack Obama

I want him as my captain, his ship a great black horse.
We'll sail across the sea of hope, he'll choose the perfect course.
We'll navigate through mountains, tall peaks stacked in deceit,
But as we pass they'll tumble down beneath the four hooved feet.

We'll drift down into canyons, walls stained with blood of war.
Our passage marks the start of peace, the stains will spread no more.
We'll trot past highland lakes of racist waters deep and still,
We'll trample down the flood gate 'til all evil has been spilled.

We'll gallop o'er the vast great plains, which harbor selfish greed.
Those living there will change their ways, or face my fearsome steed.
We'll float into the desert, white sands of poverty.
We'll beckon forth great clouds of rain, then fertile fields there'll be.

We'll tack through dense green marsh lands, where children live in fright.
We'll find good homes for all of them before the day turns night.
We'll finally reach the ocean, waves crashing on the beach,
And these we'll leave the way they are, the good life's now in reach.

Russ Becker © 2017, All Rights Reserved.