F.P. Gig 2017
F.P. Gig 2017

Russ Becker

Musician, Instrumentalist, Composer, Teacher

Russ Becker began his musical career in 4th grade in the Stamford, CT public schools where he graduated high school in 1971 as high school musician of the year before going on to major in clarinet at the Hartford Conservatory of Music.  His principal clarinet teachers include Frank DeVito, Richard DeBase and Ken
Lagace.  He then went on to study saxophone with Ken McIntyre at SUNY Old Westbury, NY.

Russ has long been a busy and hard working musician, prolific songwriter and composer, and respected and beloved clarinet/saxophone teacher.  He has performed, composed and recorded in a broad spectrum of musical idioms, including symphony, orchestra, musical theatre, chamber ensembles, classical soloist, jazz soloist, religious and sacred music, small group jazz, big band jazz, and many forms of popular and dance music.

Russ currently performs and composes as a freelance musician in a wide variety of settings , performs regularly with jazz guitarist/bassist Stephen Roane as "The Russ Becker/Stephen Roane Duo", and with the improvisational chamber trio, ":The Flying Particles", with master musicians Bob Nasta and Kevin O'Neil.

Russ has recorded extensively and has over a dozen albums featuring his own compositions and arrangements, as well as his clarinet, saxophone and flute playing.  His playing and writing have been featured on jazz radio stations in the US, the UK, Europe and Austrailia, local television stations, WNET television (from Washington DC), schools, universities, churches, libraries, theaters, concert halls and street corners.

Russ is pleased to consider playing engagements for either jazz or classical venues, and arranging and composing commissions of any nature.

Russ Becker lives in Clinton, CT where he is a well-respected and active member of the community, and maintains his music studio there for teaching and composing.